HO Scale Locomotive Shells and Detail Parts

The Puttman Locomotive Works Product line will begin carrying the full HO Scale and O Scale line from Big Dawg Originals.

BDO Announced today on his facebook page…
“I would like to announce I will be spending more of my time working on models and making masters of engine shells that have been suggested along with some freight cars and starting very soon I will hand the sales of the HO and O Scale over to long time friends and dealers Aric & Bryan Hartle of CMR Products who have been selling our HO shells , cabs and parts and soon will be carrying the entire line. Sales, Production, and development is a huge job to do and way too much for 2 people so I will soon be shutting down for a while the web site, and eBay store and sending everything over to CMR Products starting on April 15th . This will free me up to do what I enjoy the most and that is build masters and my partner will do the production. More details to follow in the coming days so don’t worry I am not going anywhere my face book page will still be here for suggestions and conversation.”

The CMR Products line of N Scale Shells and Detail parts will be combined into the Puttman Locomotive Works product line.

The entire product line of shells and detail parts will be available on the CMRProducts.com Web Site along with eBay as of April 15, 2017.

At this time, we are no longer manufacturing new resin casts of these shells. We are transitioning our Resin casting operation to 3d designed Masters and printed shells.
You can find our 3d Printed Detail parts in HO Scale Here. New Shells will be released in the future in HO Scale.

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