N Scale Conrail GP8/GP10 Chop Nose

During Conrail’s Early years, reliable motive power was in short supply. In an effort to tackle this issue, Conrail sent 9 GP7s and 16 GP9s to Illinois Central Gulf RR’s Paducah, KY shop to rebuild the locomotives. ICG chopped the short noses for better viability, changed the control stands for short hood operation, and overhauled the locomotive prime movers. Additionally Dynacell Air Filters were added to the locomotives.

  • Conrail Chop Nose GP8s – #5720-5728 – Later Renumbered to 5400-5408
  • Conrail Chop Nose GP10s – #7560-7575

While later rebuilds did not have the chop noses, these early models can provide some diversity to your Conrail roster. You can find variants with and without dynamic breaks.

CMR Products offers chop nose variants in both the GP7 and GP9… both with and without dynamic breaks. To finish up your model, grab Innovative Modeling Products “Dynacell Air Filters” that can be glued to the side of the cab for that finishing touch. Innovative Modeling Products “EMD Exhaust Stacks” can be added if you need a couple extra exhaust stacks (depending on the prototype).


At this time, we are no longer manufacturing new resin casts of this shell. We are transitioning our Resin casting operation to 3d designed Masters and printed shells.
You can find our New offerings in N Scale Here, along with any remaining new old stock.

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