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N Scale - Articulated Log Car

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3d Printed Model for sale:
N Scale - Articulated Log Car
These cars were rebuilt from articulated fuel foiler TOFC Cars.

What is included:
3d print of a Articulated Log Car. 2 car pack includes 2 end pieces along with appropriate coupler attachment pieces. Additional middle sections are included with larger sets.
Trucks/Couplers, decking and other details are provided by you and not part of this sale. Designed to use Mirotrains couplers and wheelsets.

This product is print on demand. Please allow 3 weeks for your item to be printed and shipped.

About the Seller
CMR Products strives to produce high quality products at an affordable price. At CMR Products we give you access to NetzlofDesign waterslide decal for railroads, vehicles and weathering, Puttman Detail Parts for Locomotives and Scenery, Easy Streets roadway system, Puttman Locomotive Works Resin and 3d Shells, TabTec Laser Products (T-TRAK Modules and Desktop Organizers) and much more. We are constantly looking for new quality products to offer to our customers. Have a custom project that needs completed, see something we should be offering, feel free to contact us and we will get back with you.

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