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Z Scale T-TRAK Straight Modules (Sing/Dbl/Trip/Quad/Quint)

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Unfortunately due to a Lumber Shortage, we are temporarily stopping production of our plywood products. We will resume production once our lumber supply is available again at a reasonable cost.

T-TRAK Module For Sale:
CMR Products TabTec - Z Scale T-TRAK Straight Modules (Single/Double/Triple/Quad/Quint)
A Laser cut Wood T-TRAK Module that is designed to match current T-TRAK Standard Single length. This Kit comes unassembled and includes steel leveling screws and nuts, the module pieces along with leveling supports. The only tools that are required is glue and masking tape to hold the module together till glue dries.

We can create modules based on your needs, please contact us for more information at

These Modules are cut on Demand - Please allow 10 Business days for shipment

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