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CMR Products N Scale Lumber Loads

CMR Products is releasing today N Scale wrapped lumber loads for a Microtrains 60′ center beam car.

This is a polyurethane cast load that has been decorated using the same technology of our decals. The master was created from individually cut polystyrene sheet to give the effect of individually wrapped lumber loads. The loads themselves are not uniform in placement or length on the car, ranging from 6′ to 12′ bundles (with spacers between loads).

Some of our loads come with exposed lumber, in which you can feel the wood grain on the side of the lumber loads.

The load will fit snugly inside the Microtrains 60′ center beam car. The casting itself is durable, warm water will allow the casting to be reshaped/straighten if necessary from shipping.
They can be purchased on the CMR Products Web site and eBay.

The following lumber loads are available: Weyerhaeuser Lumber, Canfor Lumber, Canfor Lumber with exposed lumber, Irving Lumber with exposed lumber, and Dynamic Lumber.

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