Truck Hitch – End of Train Device

Based on comments from people that have seen our End of Train device on our Truck, we are going to offer a limited run of our Truck Hitch “FRED”. (patent pending)

History of the Flashing Rear End Device (FRED)
In 1969, Florida East Coast Railway began replacing the crewed cabooses at the end of trains with these devices. Other class ones quickly latched onto this idea, and FRED devices became commonplace by the 1980s.

Originally just a air line terminating unit with a flasher, these devices now send air pressure readings and telemetry readings back to the crew in the cab to notify them of fluctuation in air pressure or accidental disconnect. These also have evolved from pure battery powered models to now include small air powered generators to keep them running.

Our Product
The FRED Kit comes with an aluminium coupler modified to allow the FRED Device to slide in. This coupler will fit a 1.5 or 2 inch trailer hitch.

The FRED is connected to your truck with a 4 or 7 pin trailer connector. This will light up with either your breaks (Solid Light) or when turn signals are on (Flashing Light).

The FRED Box comes pre-assembled with your choice of Yellow or Gray box, and with/without radio antenna.

Prices start at $250 and up, depending on the options you select.

We are taking pre-orders now on our website with an anticipated delivery date in late August. Order quickly as we are planning on only 25 units in this run.


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