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CMR Products was founded in 1990 by Bob Hartle. He loved model railroading from an early age, having his American Flyer trains running around the Christmas tree every year.

After his sons were born, he returned to the hobby. He loved tinkering with his electronics. Projects from flashing crossing signs and Lionel animation turned into DC walk around memory throttles for the Club’s layout.

Bob was one of the main drivers behind the I-80 group. This is a group of model railroaders that focus on operating layouts on a regular basis. It was fun to see what people did with their layouts and travel all over the eastern US to do so.

Bob always said “There’s Trains, and Everything else.” These were words he lived by. If it involved trains, he was happy to get involved. Bob wanted to make the model railroading hobby affordable to everyone, so he developed the CMR Products business.

Our goal with CMR Products is to keep with Bob’s philosophy, Offer great products at great prices. We strive to do just that.

We want to partner with you to grow your knowledge in the hobby and build that layout you’ve always wanted to. We have built over 15 layouts in our past, and have learned so much over the years. Let us help you with your model railroad!

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