LEF&C Covered Hopper Decal Set Available

The Lake Erie, Franklin, and Clarion Railroad (reporting mark LEF) was a fifteen mile long short line that ran from a Conrail connection at Summerville, Pennsylvania, to Clarion, Pennsylvania. This shortline’s traffic included sand for Clarion’s glass making plant, glass bottles, lumber, and outbound shipments of coal. In an effort to support the Owens Illinois Glass Plant in Clarion, PA, LEF&C Purchased 25 Covered Hoppers numbered 80000-80024. These covered hoppers saw service long after the LEF&C was abandoned. The cars were patched out, but the LEF&C Logo lives on.

The Decal set has sufficient decals to complete 1 Covered Hopper, and is available in HO, N and O Scales.
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