N Scale Fairbanks Morse H-20-44 Road Switcher

Puttman Locomotive Works is releasing N Scale Fairbanks Morse H-20-44 Road Switcher.

The FM H-20-44, released in 1947, was FM’s first Road Switcher offering. It closely resembled their other switchers (H-10-44 and H-12-44). 96 of these models were built. Original Owners include ACY, NYC, PRR, P&WV and UP.

These locomotive shells can be purchased directly through the CMR Products Web site store. Window Glass is also available for this shell.

At this time, we are no longer manufacturing new resin casts of this shell. We are transitioning our Resin casting operation to 3d designed Masters and printed shells.
You can find our New offerings in N Scale Here, along with any remaining new old stock.

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