HO Scale Alco T-6 Locomotive Shell

Puttman Locomotive Works is releasing HO Scale – Alco T-6 Locomotive Shell.

The Alco T-6 was a 1000hp Locomotive produced from 1958 to 1969. The “T” stood for Transfer, as the locomotive was built to be more of a road locomotive than their “S” counterparts.

Several railroads purchased the T-6 new, including Norfolk Western (40), PRR (6), and a number of shortlines/industrials. These locomotives were subsequently sold to a number of other railroads and still are found running today.

This locomotive shell will fit on a Proto 2000 S-3 chassis.

At this time, we are no longer manufacturing new resin casts of this shell. We are transitioning our Resin casting operation to 3d designed Masters and printed shells.
You can find our 3d Printed Detail parts in HO Scale Here. New Shells will be released in the future in HO Scale.

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