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Tennessee Alabama and Georgia Railway Box Car Decal Set

NetzlofDesign and Model works is releasing the Tennessee Alabama and Georgia Railway Box Car Decal Set.

The TAG railway was a short line that operated in its namesake states of Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. The railroad maintained a small fleet of box cars, that featured the recognizable “TAG” logo.

This Decal set has sufficient decals for 1 TAG Railway Box Car.

The set will be available in HO and N Scales. Other scales are available by special request.
These decals can be purchased directly through the CMR Products Web site store.

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Tag your it!

CMR Products is now offering decals of the Tennessee Alabama & Georgia Railroad (TAG). Produced by Netzlof Design Model works, the decals for this GP18 are currently offered for HO scale at $10 a set. Pictures below are an engine with the TAG decals and decaled by Troy Huskins.

About the TAG 50

There is a misconception about the numbering of the GP18. It was delivered to TA&G numbered #50 and not #801. The EMD builder’s photo does have 801 in the number board, but on the day it arrived and was dedicated in Chattanooga it had 50 in the number board. Garrison Sisken, the owner of TAG, changed the name of the locomotive after Mr. Hedges and he had it numbered 50 in honor of Mr. Hedges’ 50 years service.

About Our Decals

Using the latest cutting edge technology, our water slide model decals feature a perfect color match to real-world paint schemes as well as fine, intricate details.


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