Roof Rust Weathering Set 1

NetzlofDesign Roof Rust Decal

NetzlofDesign and Model works is releasing Roof Rust – Weathering Decals.

This decal set provides various weathering patterns for the roof of a freight car.

The full decal length is approximately a 50′ box car.

Special note- The weathering decals are purposefully opaque and do not have a white underlayer. This allows the underlying color of the car to be visible through the weathering.
Therefore these decals will not appear very strongly over dark colored surfaces.

The set will be available in HO and N Scales. Z Scale Decals are available Print on Demand and require additional processing time. Other scales are available by special request.
These decals can be purchased directly through the CMR Products Web site store.

NetzlofDesign Roof Rust Decal

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