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HO Scale URR DRS 6-6-1500m “Buffalo” / AS16M

Puttman Locomotive Works is releasing HO Scale EMD Rebuild DRS 6-6-1500m “Buffalo” High Hood / AS16M High Hood.

The HO Scale EMD Rebuild DRS 6-6-1500m “Buffalo” High Hood. Will work for the 4 axle AS16M as well.
The DRS 6-6-1500M High Hood was owned by CNW and briefly by Union Railroad. Union later chopped the short hood for better visibility.
AS16M was owned by Norfolk Western and CNW.

This locomotive shell will fit on the Bowser AS16 for the 4 axle version, and AS616 for the 6 axle version.

This locomotive shell can be purchased directly through the CMR Products Web site store.


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