Santa Fe SWBLW Beep Shell Original Version


Puttman Locomotive Works is releasing a Santa Fe SWBLW Beep Shell Original Version Locomotive Shell. This version is correct for the Original rebuild of the VO1000 operated by the Santa Fe. Recommended Chassis: HO – Bowser VO-1000 N – Atlas VO-1000 What is included: ATSF Beep Locomotive Shell. Glass, handrails and other details are provide … Read more

HO Scale ATSF Beep

Puttman Locomotive Works is releasing HO Scale ATSF SWBLW “Beep” Locomotive Shell. This locomotive shell will fit on a Bowser VO1000. At this time, we are no longer manufacturing new resin casts of this shell. We are transitioning our Resin casting operation to 3d designed Masters and printed shells. You can find our 3d Printed … Read more

N Scale BEEP Locomotive Shell

CMR Products has released the ATSF Beep in N Scale The “Beep” (also referred to as the SWBLW) is an individual switcher locomotive built in 1970 by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway at its Cleburne, Texas, workshops. Originally built as a VO1000, ATSF was hoping to follow their highly successful CF7 program, with … Read more

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