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N Scale Alco C430 Locomotive Shell

Puttman Locomotive Works is releasing N Scale Alco C430 Locomotive Shell.

3d Printed Locomotive Shells are created on demand. N (1:160) is available on the website.
Other sizes may be considered, please contact us at Custom@CMRProducts for more information.

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Western New York & Pennsylvania #430 Decal Set – Pulling For You

NetzlofDesign and Model works is releasing Western New York & Pennsylvania #430 Decal Set – Pulling For You

In August 2016, Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad applied magnetic decals to locomotive #430 showing their support during Law Enforcement appreciation Day. The locomotive has a small blue line American flag, and the motto “Pulling For You”.

NetzlofDesigns is releasing today the HO and N Scale Decal sets for this unique paint scheme.
They are now available on the CMR Products Web site


Decal sets are print on demand, and the following scales are available to purchase from the Listings: G (1:32), O (1:48), S (1:64), HO (1:87), TT (1:120), N (1:160), Z (1:220) and T Scale (1:450).
Any other sizing, including vinyl stickers can be custom ordered. Please contact us at Custom@CMRProducts.com for more information

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