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New Conrail Decals Released

Just released by CMR Products in HO and N Scale.

Includes the 2 Million Man Hours Injury Free decals applied to 6373 on May 21st, 1998. These special decals survived until the NS-CSX Merger.


Also includes two Labor/Management Agreement decals as applied to the nose or hood sides of some locomotives to commemorate the historic labor agreement.

Finally, Philadelphia Division logos as seen on GP38 7868 and SW1001 9402 assigned to the Philadelphia Division.




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New N Scale Shells Announcement!

Just released by CMR Products is the new SD60E shell. Very popular in HO Scale, CMR Products has produced the same high-quality engine shell in N Scale. Also released, is the RS3M Rock Island (GP9 Phase 3) and RS2M Rock Island shell in N Scale as well. All three are selling at $25.00 a piece. More engine shells will be announced soon! Keep it here.


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Union Pacific 7400 – Pink Ribbon Decal

CMR Products is proud to announce a one of a kind decal set by NetzlofDesign Model Works.

About the Union Pacific C45ACCTE #7400

Unveiled in September 2010, Union Pacific 7400 proudly wears pink ribbons to show UP’s support in the fight against breast cancer. Seen throughout the Union Pacific’s 23- State network, this unique locomotive is instantly recognizable by rail fans. Those who have been touched by the disease, show continuing support in finding a cure.

About this set

Previously unavailable, this Union Pacific authorized decal set features accurately reproduced ribbon graphics, numbers and shields to model the 7400.


Union Pacific 7400 marks are used with approval from Union Pacific Railroad Company. Decal set produced by NetzlofDesign.

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