N Scale EMD Western Maryland GP9m Chop Nose Locomotive Shell


Puttman Locomotive Works is releasing N Scale EMD Western Maryland GP9m Chop Nose Locomotive Shell. 3d Printed Locomotive Shells are created on demand. N (1:160) is available on the website. Other sizes may be considered, please contact us at Custom@CMRProducts for more information.

N Scale Conrail GP8/GP10 Chop Nose

During Conrail’s Early years, reliable motive power was in short supply. In an effort to tackle this issue, Conrail sent 9 GP7s and 16 GP9s to Illinois Central Gulf RR’s Paducah, KY shop to rebuild the locomotives. ICG chopped the short noses for better viability, changed the control stands for short hood operation, and overhauled … Read more

Puttman Locomotive Works Product Line Announcement

CMR Products has been working closely with Big Dawg Originals over the last 9 months to offer quality custom HO and N Scale shells, cabs and detail parts. CMR Products has reached an agreement with Big Dawg Originals to acquire the N Scale product line from BDO effective January 1, 2016. We are very excited … Read more